2014: This New Year, Hold Love Near and Dear

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the year past: the laughs shared, the memories created and the goals achieved. It’s also a time to build anticipation for the year to come; to begin writing plans on the slate that has been wiped clean once again! On the evening before a new year, it seems that anything is possible. Amongst family, close friends, and your special someone, you can share your hopes and dreams for 2014…no matter how ambitious they might be. Though you should celebrate this occasion however you see fit, we’ve put together a few ideas that will make the last night of 2012 (or the first morning of 2014) one for the books. Cheers, and a happy New Year, from all of us here at Message In A Bottle, Inc.!

Round up your closest friends and dress to the nines! There’s no better reason to don a new tie or your slinky black dress than a classy New Year’s Eve party. Encourage your guests to arrive well in advance of the midnight ball drop so that drinks and a light food spread can be enjoyed. Before the stroke of midnight, have each guest explain what he or she is looking forward to in 2014. Be sure to have plenty of party favors, noisemakers and a reliable camera on hand to make the most of your night.

Valentines Day Coupon Code Live in a big city? Hit the main drag and party it up with friends and friendly strangers! Take a taxi to your favorite restaurant or nightclub, and then move from locale to locale as midnight approaches. No matter where you are, you’ll surely be able to participate in the Times Square countdown via television screen.

Don’t feel like going out in the cold? Light a fire, pop a bottle of bubbly and curl up with your beloved on the couch. Assemble a nice spread of appetizers to enjoy while you watch the Times Square celebration, or switch off the television and talk about your goals, both personal and mutual, for 2014. Sometimes relaxation and a heartfelt conversation is the best way to welcome the New Year!

Round up your family and extended family if they’re still in town from the holidays and page through a few photo albums. Like Thanksgiving, New Year’s is a time to remember the good ol’ days and savor memories while also looking to the future. Have a few bottles of champagne on hand for the adults and some sparkling apple cider ready for the little ones as the Times Square ball begins to drop.

Whether you want to rub shoulders with a big crowd as the ball drops or tune in from the comfort of your own home, Message In A Bottle, Inc. wants to wish you a safe and joyous start to the year 2014!



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