A Look at Sweetest Day, and How You Can Make the Most of It!

Discovering the Beginnings of The Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day Candy Hearts

In a nutshell, Sweetest Day began with a kind gesture and plenty of candy! On October 8, 1921, The Sweetest Day in the Year Committee gifted over 20,000 boxes of delicious candy to the orphaned children, impoverished families and elderly citizens of Cleveland, Ohio. The committee was made up of twelve of the area’s confectioners and was presided over by C.C. Hartzell. To help publicize this show of kindness, the committee enlisted the help of Ann Pennington and Theda Bara, both very popular movie stars at the time.

The years following the first official Sweetest Day saw the nation’s candy companies trying to market the holiday in a big way. Members of the National Confectioners Association participated in a movement to rank Sweetest Day alongside Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Though profiting from the new holiday was no doubt an aspect of this excessive promotion, the philanthropic core of Sweetest Day remained intact. In 1940, the committee shortened its name to the Sweetest Day Committee and donated over 10,000 to 26 local charities. Nearly 1,000 boxes of candy were also dispersed amongst children involved in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Big Sister groups in New York.

Though the holiday is more widely recognized in the region of its origin, it has garnered a nationwide following. Sweetest Day does not have an official date; rather it falls on the third Saturday of every October. The gifts and candy of Sweetest Day resemble those released around Valentine’s Day, and typically incorporate pastel colors, hearts and sentimental messages.

On The Sweetest Day, There’s No Wrong Way to Celebrate!

Have a Picnic on Sweetest Day

Being around the people you cherish, appreciate and love is the key to having a proper Sweetest Day! Here are a few ideas from Message In A Bottle that will make your holiday one to remember and cherish:

1.  Pack a picnic lunch and head down to the park. Because Sweetest Day falls conveniently at the beginning of Fall, you’ll get to spend a blissful afternoon watching the leaves change. In light of the holiday you’ll be celebrating, don’t forget a few pieces of candy!

2.  Dig out a few old photo albums or scrapbooks and immerse yourself in memories. Nostalgia is best experienced with your family or significant other at your side. To sweeten things up a bit, have a dish of your favorite childhood candy nearby!

3.  Catch a flashback feature at your local cinema. Most theaters play old movies during matinee times or on Sundays, so check the schedules ahead of time and plan an outing with family or friends. Revisiting your favorite flick from your childhood or teen years is a great way to get the conversation flowing!

4.  If it’ll just be you and your beloved on Sweetest Day, try collaborating in the kitchen, renting a romantic movie and curling up by the fire. There’s no need for a fancy, expensive outing – you’ll be able to connect more intimately in the comfort of your own home.

Sweeten the Deal With Help From Message In A Bottle

What sets apart the boxed chocolate or the flower arrangement you purchase for Sweetest Day from the ones you buy for Valentine’s Day? Go above and beyond the standard gift ideas this year with our help! To commemorate Sweetest Day in 2012, we’ve set aside four of our most touchingly beautiful bottles. Each of the bottles below can be personalized with a heartfelt message that will be printed on an authentic scroll. To make your gift truly unique, add red, pink or purple rose petals, or our seashell and sand mixture. Though the gold toned gift box we offer as a free default packaging option is gorgeous, we recommend upgrading to a romantic red gift box or handsome wooden crate – just for Sweetest Day!


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