A Message in a Bottle…A gift for every reason, in any season!

Here’s the thing about moments: they’re always fleeting. Though loaded with meaning in the present tense, they quickly fade with time.Wouldn’t it be great to be able to capture a moment and make it memorable for years to come? Over the last 16 years, Message in a Bottle, Inc. has been building symbols of love, affection and bliss from two seemingly simple items: a brief message and a beautiful bottle!

Our gift bottles and invitations are classic in appearance and are perfect for any occasion worth celebrating! Celebrate the next wedding, anniversary, birthday, or Valentines Day with a bottle from Message In A Bottle, Inc. Even if your occasion is more abstract, such as the entrance into motherhood or a show of appreciation for a respected teacher, Message in a Bottle, Inc.has a soul-stirring gift bottle that is a perfect match!

If you enjoy taking long, peaceful walks down Memory Lane and tugging gently upon the heartstrings of your loved ones, gift bottle messages are perfect for you! Each bottle is adorned with plush ribbon, expertly and attractively packaged, and filled with a personalized note printed on rustic rolled script paper. Thanks to Message In A Bottle, Inc., capturing and sharing memories with the ones you love has never been easier.message in a bottle gift

At Message in a Bottle,we offer:

  • The largest selection of themed message gift bottles in the industry
  • Invitation gift bottles for every occasion: anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, graduations, holiday parties, office events, and more!
  • Bottles that capture the deepest human bonds and emotions: friendship, everlasting love, Father’s and Mother’s Day appreciation, among many other themes.
  • A large selection of prewritten messages, poems, and verses for guaranteed eloquence!
  • An unconditional money-back guarantee!
  • A vast Message in a Bottle invitation gallery to help you make the perfect choice for your occasion!

What makes a Message in a Bottle gifts so special?

It’s more than just a gift or fancy invitation—it’s a conversation piece that will inspire fond memories for years to come.Unlike conventional gifts that are given, opened, and then forgotten in a matter of days, Message In A Bottle provides a product with emotional dimension. The lasting impression that each bottle leaves on the recipient is a result of the personalization options we offer. With each Message In A Bottle gift you send, you include a small part of yourself. This is what makes our product truly remarkable!

At Message In A Bottle, we believe in the importance of celebrating the people who bless our lives. It would be our pleasure to help you celebrate that special person that blesses yours.

Join us in climbing outside of the box, as we prefer to think inside the bottle!


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