Capture and Relive Memories with Message In A Bottle!

If you could control time, it would be easy to revisit a memorable birthday, your first wedding anniversary, or any other remarkable occasion. Unfortunately, time marches forward—no matter how much we’d like to pause or rewind it!

There’s nothing sweeter than reminiscing about memories past, and personalized message in a bottle gifts and invitations from Message in a Bottle, Inc. allow you to do just that. That’s what makes our personalized gift ideas so different from the run-of-the-mill gifts you see at big-box stores: inside our beautiful bottles, memories can live a lifetime. If you want to make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable, look no further than a personalized Message In A Bottle. With each glance at the bottle, you’ll be reminded of a special day—or that special someone!

Our clients Jenny and Mike were planning an amazing destination wedding in Miami, and wanted an unforgettable set of invitations. She decided on our beach wedding invitation in a bottle, complete with a real mixture of sand, seashells and other marine charms. At the couple’s reception, guests couldn’t stop raving about the personalized beach wedding invitations from Message In A Bottle. Congratulations Jenny and Mike!

Creative Proposal Ideas

At Message In A Bottle we love to help your dreams come true. Our gift and invitation bottles are tokens of love, friendship, and endearment—perfect when you wish to tug at the heartstrings! Your own personal message is what makes the gift truly unique. Craft a heartfelt message of your own, or choose from our bank of pre-written sentiments. Take a look at our expansive inventory of bottles, designed to suit any special occasion you can imagine, and we think you’ll agree:there’s nothing quite like a message in the bottle to capture and preserve lifelong memories.

Got a special day or anticipated celebration coming up? Or do you just want to remind a family member, friend or loved one how much you care? Nothing conveys your feelings better than your own heartfelt letter in a bottle.

Stop running around in circles looking for the perfect personalized gift bottle, Message In A Bottle gifts and bottle invitations. Think outside the box and inside the bottle at Message In A Bottle!

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