How to Send a Message In A Bottle ® for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12 this year. With all the commercialization of our holidays, have you ever wondered what else you could do to honor your mother besides just giving a card, some candy, or some flowers? There are more sincere ways to let the mother in your life know that you appreciate her, whether she be your biological mother, your stepmother, your mother-in-law, grandmother, or simply the most amazing mother you know. Anyone, and that includes mothers, would be touched by honest words of gratitude as a gift.


Isn’t the Message In A Bottle Just for Lovers?

As a way to communicate sincere feelings, the written word is one of the most effective. It’s the permanent record of someone’s deep feelings, and it can be kept as a reminder and a memory. A mother’s love is a sacrificial kind of love; in turn, the love returned to a mother is one of gratitude and respect. This kind of love is different than romantic love, but it is obviously worth the effort of a beautiful tribute. Many mothers would say it’s even more so!


How can I make my gift unique?

Unique Mothers Day GiftYour feelings and your words may seem like they start out cheesy or as time-worn clichés. This is common, but don’t worry. Soon you will be recalling special places you went together, moments that meant a lot to you from the past, secrets that she kept for you, or inside jokes that you shared. All of these things can, and should, be included in your message to let your mother or mother-figure know that you really thought about your relationship. The cherished memories will become part of a heartfelt gift that will stun her. Other ways to make a gift for her special is to choose a design that she would like, one that includes her favorite color, an extra gift like candy, or a teddy bear to remind her that once upon a time, you were still precious and looked angelic as you slept.


Why deliver my message inside a bottle?

What is more symbolic of a mother than a rolled-up-and-tied scroll of feelings tucked inside a beautiful, rounded vessel? There is something precious waiting inside, and it will come out at just the right moment. Message In A Bottle should be an icon of motherhood, with love and feelings beyond words waiting to be shared on a very special day. It’s possible that she won’t even realize why she loves receiving your message this way—but it won’t matter. You will have given her a representation of motherhood itself, the Message In A Bottle ®.


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