Message In A Bottle Gifts and Invitations: For Every Oh-So-Special Occasion!

Message In A Bottle Gifts and Invitations

We cherish the special occasions we share with family, friends and loved ones: holidays, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Finding the right gifts to delight those near and dear to you can sometimes be a challenge. But at Message In A Bottle, we have something for every person—and every occasion—you need to satisfy!

Even if you’ve waited until the last minute to shop, there’s no need to stress out about finding unique gift and invitation ideas. Message In A Bottle’s inventory of personalized gift and invitation bottles stands apart from other gift ideas thanks to your contribution: a handcrafted personal message, tucked right inside the bottle!

Message In A Bottle gift and invitation bottles

Stylish plush ribbons, elegant packaging, and authentic paper scrolls make each bottle unique and desirable. Each gift and invitation bottle has a refined shape and is adorned with original artwork to suit the occasion or recipient. Once you add your heartfelt message, the gift bottle is truly complete.

Here’s what we offer at Message In A Bottle:

1.  A diverse inventory of themed message gift bottles
2.  Invitation bottles designed for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holiday parties, graduations, family get-together’s, or corporate events.
3.  Bottles for every relationship, whether it be a new love interest, a trusted coworker, or a devoted friend.
4.  A variety of prewritten messages, verses, and poems for every occasion: Valentine’s Day, Father’s and Mother’s Day, and more…
5.  Unconditional money-back guarantee

Message In A Bottle: making memories and creating bliss

After they’re opened, most gifts are simply stashed in the attic or thrown in the back of a closet. Greeting cards and invitations end up stuffed in drawers, wrinkled and forgotten. However, Message In A Bottle invitations and gifts are always in the limelight! We believe that their lasting impact comes from the personal touch you provide.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Howard Robinson from Minneapolis had to say about Message In A Bottle Invitations:

“Maria and I dated for over five years before deciding to marry this year. We both work in the busy, hustling and bustling media industry, so we wanted a small yet memorable wedding. We had everything planned, but we needed a wedding invitation set that was truly impressive. A friend suggested Message In A Bottle wedding invitations. Browsing through their expansive gallery, Maria and I were captivated by the various options! We decided on the “Anchors Aweigh” set, and our family and friends couldn’t stop talking about them during the reception. Besides my beautiful bride, our personalized Message In A Bottle wedding invitations got the most compliments!”

The next time you need to make someone’s day extra special, ask yourself what you would prefer: unique, personalized gifts and invitations from Message In A Bottle, or conventional, garden-variety gifts and invitations from a big-box store. The choice is clear!

If you want gifts that will strengthen old memories while creating new ones, we are here to help. Our messages are inside the bottle, but we always think outside the box!

To learn more about personalized gift bottles, invitation sets, and other unique gift ideas, visit:

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